Hoogendoorn interieurbouw CSR company in every inch

Hoogendoorn interieurbouw CSR company in every inch

by Roy February 22, 2018

Hoogendoorn verantwoordelijk interieur hoofdkantoor C2CA new head office for electricity grid manager TenneT: a surface area of 1,000 square metres for 300 staff secluded in the woods around Arnhem. An office in such rolling green surroundings requires a sustainable wooden building – both inside and out.

Its interior contains materials and products that are easy to disassemble so that they can be used again for high-quality purposes, in accordance with the cradle-to-cradle philosophy. That’s what TenneT wanted – and we were awarded the contract.


TenneT chose us, precisely because we believe in CSR. Besides, our entire proposal was met all their cradle-to-cradle wishes. For instance, we suggested using rubberwood from India. It is a beautiful, light-toned wood that is both stable and easy to work with. Rubberwood trees are only chopped down when they do not produce any more latex, which is when they are about 27 years old. In India, they use the trees to make wooden panels. Off-cuts of the wood and waste are not thrown out but used for plating, which we have used for the TenneT interior.

Flat pack

We encountered a particular challenge when it was time to make the round, sloping reception desk. Just imagine trying to stick the loose pieces together without welding them. The upholstered walls and panels are covered with fabric held in place with Velcro, which makes it easy to remove and clean. We supplied everything as a flat pack; this method is also called Ready-to-Assemble (RAT): separate parts can be put together on site without any trouble, very like IKEA furniture. It means it is easy to stack too when you need to transport it, reducing the number of transport miles and CO2 emissions quite considerably. Moreover, we were not allowed to package the furniture in material with a high PVC content, as it is not good for the environment. Instead, we wrapped everything in blankets and held them in place with re-usable stays.

No packaging

If you would like to know how we can deliver your interior sustainably, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. In fact, we have definitely banned packaging material with a high PVC content from our processes and, as of now, we only deliver our interior products wrapped in blankets. It’s much better for the planet and guarantees that we can leave plenty for our children and their children.

Link: http://www.tennet.eu/nl/nl/home.html

Link: http://www.groupalive.com/group-a-projects/completion-exterior-headquarters-tennet/