Our Maritime Joinery Division holds a prominent position in the company. With its roots in inland shipping, its focus is on luxury private-owned inland vessels and vessels belonging to shipping companies, while in recent years, the number of Hoogendoorn MBI’s offshore projects has increased considerably.

The list of projects we have completed lately ranges from coasters, floating cranes, accommodation vessels and servicing platforms to luxury yachts and passenger ships. If the client so wishes, the entire interior (walls, doors, ceilings, furniture, furnishing, etc.) can be supplied as a package to anywhere in the world.


Anything that floats, either in the Netherlands or abroad, and needs to be fitted out can be contracted out to Hoogendoorn MBI. Flexible and service-oriented, our staff work in accordance with the arrangements clients have made with us, installing everything necessary to fit out a ship or platform correctly. You can rely on the care of our skilled professionals to produce your floors, walls, ceilings, installations, paintwork, institutional kitchens, special furniture and fixed joinery work.


Engineers, buyers, planners and project leaders and their experienced staff deliver the building plans based on rigid methods, including ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, primarily according to international regulations.

State of the Art

With the exception of one or two disciplines that need to be done by hand, practically all the work is done with the aid of the most modern machines and tools. Engineers convert our clients’ preferences and needs into digital drawings on which the finished products are based: working drawings or files that guide the production equipment.

High quality

We go for quality in everything we do, and combine it with a tight schedule, though with the flexibility necessary to adjust it to any extra wishes.