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Maak kennis met één van de vooraanstaande interieurbouwers en scheepsbetimmeraars van Nederland.

For over half a century, Hoogendoorn has been one of the Netherlands’ leading fitting-out and maritime joinery companies.

A rich history

The history of our company takes us back to Boterstraat 10 in Werkendam, the Netherlands, where Cees Hoogendoorn first set up his one-man business in 1961, when he was just twenty-one.

“Honesty is the best policy”, as we’ve been saying here at Hoogendoorn for more than fifty years!
Certifications and standards

Hoogendoorn MBI is not afraid to assume its responsibility; we have a whole range of certification and meet the major standards that contribute to guaranteeing safe and sustainable projects. Hoogendoorn, as a company, has been awarded FSC, SCC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification
Corporate social responsibility

Hoogendoorn is affiliated with several organisations, operating nationally and internationally, that are dedicated to helping our fellow human beings all over the world..

Meet the people of Hoogendoorn MBI

Dick Hoogendoorn
+31 (0)653194178

Stefan Hoogendoorn
Maritime Sales Manager
+31 (0)614526866

Leo Buitenhuis
Senior project manager
+31 (0)628465327

Jeroen van Vught
Fitting-Out Account Manager
+31 (0)613142668

Arjan van Gammeren
Project Engineer

Pieter van de Minkelis
Head of Fitting-Out