We, a family business, have been fitting out interiors for more than fifty years for a host of clients, ranging from hotels to banking institutions and from care homes to ministries. In fact, nowadays, you are likely to find examples of our work at airports and in the automotive industry.

Skilled professionals

Our roots are in maritime joinery and our work is carried out by craftsmen with a passion for wood and a love of details. When a ship is fitted out and the joinery work is finished, it should, above all, be safe, comfortable and convenient. Here at Hoogendoorn MBI, we have 130 professional and committed people which means we can complete our projects adequately and with the greatest care. All aspects of the fitting-out process are completed under one roof, in Werkendam in the Netherlands, where the professional skills and experience are handed down to the next generation – sometimes literally from father to son.

Our active approach

The first thing you will discover when you visit us is our focus on our clients. Our employees can talk for hours about their projects, explaining how they have accepted a certain challenge and how they solved it. You see, at Hoogendoorn, we don’t like “one-size-fits-all” solutions, or saying, “Sorry, no can do”. You see, we believe in taking an active approach to a problem. We don’t rush into a project; we discuss it first to assess potential problems. After all, we share the same goal as you: we both want to make something we are proud of: custom-built products you can rely on.


Engineering is a particular strength of Hoogendoorn. Although it is almost impossible for architects to keep up with the ever-changing supply of materials and processing methods, to us, it’s crucial that we do. Often, we can use cost-effective applications and that’s why we like to be involved in your project from the design stage – we can contribute the very latest design programmes.

Product development

Tackling a design together, the emergence of new materials and tools, discussing the details together and working together often result in new models and new shapes.


You might think that, considering our age, that we are a bit old-fashioned – and we are, when it comes to reliability and sturdy quality – but when it comes to new production methods and equipment, Hoogendoorn is a trailblazer. Wherever we can, and if it the environment and the continuity of our company will benefit, we use the most up-to-date supplies. Hoogendoorn is a master of, and manages, almost all aspects of the trade, including spray work and furnishing

Logistics and installation

Our very own, highly skilled staff place and fit your products at our centrally located premises in Werkendam. There is no need for any transports before the work is finished and no need to call in external haulage companies, just the loving hands of the people who created the product with care.


We like be in charge of every project in which so many disciplines come together and where deadlines, quality control and tight budgets are of the utmost importance. Our project managers have a network of subcontractors with the same mentality as Hoogendoorn, who speak the same language and have the same ambitions: to make a living, to guarantee continuity and to work together with you and each other as a team.

Facility Management

The sustainability of an interior depends partly on the maintenance and service. Once the product has been delivered, Hoogendoorn remains the point of contact for these matters and will draw up a plan with the client for periodic maintenance and repairs in the event of a disaster to ensure that all the work is carried out by the party who produced it and fitted it and who therefore knows exactly what’s what.