We regard corporate social responsibility as sustainable business practice, which involves substantial costs, though not in money but in time. We are a real family business, we make long-term plans and make decisions that are not only good for our company but will benefit our surroundings too.

We regard corporate social responsibility as the right balance between people, planet and profit.


People mean a lot to Hoogendoorn, and we are not only thinking of our employees, temporary staff and our clients when we say that. We are also concerned with the welfare of our people and our relationships with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. Our primary focus is on health and safety. We aim to reduce the risks and dangers to health and safety as much as possible. We ensure safety with an up-to-date version of the SSC system incorporated into our business management system and an active company emergency response team.

In addition to this extremely important aspect, we believe in fair business practice: we do what we say we will. Hoogendoorn’s core values are reliability and honesty. We are and remain loyal to our clients and aim to build long-term relationships.

We can guarantee customer satisfaction and quality because we have implemented an up-to-date quality assurance system in our company management system and because we employ well educated and reliable employees who deliver quality and craftsmanship. In addition, we take a proactive approach to complaints and aim to be as accessible as possible to our contacts.

Our policy statement contains the full text of our policies on quality, working conditions (health and safety) and the care for the environment (QHSE). That document is available for reading and printing on the “certification” page.


Hoogendoorn was awarded the ISO 14001 certification for our care for the environment in early 2014 and we are only the second fitting-out company in the Netherlands to receive this certification. We are exceedingly proud of that fact. We have a progressive attitude towards caring for the environment. Wherever possible, we use sustainable products and we try to prevent damage to the environmental or at least to reduce it as far as possible. To this end, we have made an assessment of our environmental aspects (environmental damage) and every year, we measure our emissions as it is our ambition to reduce them!

The most important, and the greatest, aspects that impact the environment are:
  • The use of raw materials;
  • Energy consumption;
  • The use of solvent-based varnishes and lacquers.

Hoogendoorn has implemented various measures to minimise the impact on the environment; these include:

  • Encouraging the use of sustainable materials, as confirmed by our FSC certification.
  • Minimising cutting losses.
  • Using water-based lacquers and paints instead of solvent-based paints and lacquers wherever possible.
  • Burning biomass for heating the Hoogendoorn company premises and a few homes.
  • Reducing our energy consumption by applying innovations and energy-saving equipment in the workshops.
  • Teaching employees to be aware of the environmental aspects and to be economical in their use of energy and fuel.
  • Hoogendoorn aims to continue to comply with (environmental) legislation and regulations and to continue improving our environment performance.

Our goal is to reach the top of the fitting-out market together. We want to be the market leader of the maritime industry and belong to the top 5 companies in the Dutch fitting-out market. To achieve that goal, we set annual minimum targets for our turnover and profit as it will enable us to innovate and professionalise our work, to reward our employees and to support social objectives.

In particular, we think it important to support local projects and clubs, which we do by funding them, but also by actually getting down to work with them and by providing resources. Please also see our pages on sponsorship and charities.