Jeffrey’s Bay

Schools for children in Jeffrey’s Bay

Onderwijs voor kinderen Jeffrey's Bay

Hunger, prostitution, violence, AIDS and other diseases: many children in the slums of Jeffrey’s Bay and Humansdorp in South Africa’s Eastern Cap live in abominable conditions. Good education could offer these children a chance of a better future, but as it is extremely expensive, it is out of reach for them.

The organisation Victory4All Projects wants to help the children of Jeffrey’s Bay and Humansdorp. Victory4All Projects was launched in 2003 as part of the Victory Christian Church in Jeffrey’s Bay and consists of a team of 50 local and international staff. United in their efforts, these people are building a few temporary classrooms and other necessary equipment. Hoogendoorn is lending a helping hand to the Victory4All Projects – for the children of Humansdorp and Jeffrey’s Bay. Hopefully, the classrooms will be ready very soon.