Hoogendoorn involved at de Vertrouwen

Hoogendoorn and the Vertrouwen

Hoogendoorn renovatie vertrouwen 1899

Hoogendoorn and the Vertrouwen

This ship was built in 1899. For years, it conveyed its cargoes over the rivers and lakes of the Netherlands. Now, the tjalk is destined to sail along its former navigation routes once more, but this time, it is to call the public’s attention to sustainable means of water transport and to raise awareness for the ancient infrastructure of towpaths, discharging quays, etc. so that they can be preserved for future generations.
The tjalk, which is called Vertrouwen (trust), was launched in June, at Heeg, at the Talsma Shipyard, where the steel parts have been carefully restored and the portholes, the hatches and the cargo bay have been weatherproofed. Both the hull and the superstructure have been given a thick coating of (primer and) paint.

The tjalk sailed from Heeg to Stavoren, then it crossed the IJsselmeer to Enkhuizen. After sailing through Amsterdam, Vianen and Gorinchem, the Vertrouwen is now moored here with us. After all, the steel parts may be ready, but there is still plenty of work on board to be done. And that’s where we come in. And we have been joined by young people who have only a small chance of finding regular employment. The intention is that the tjalk will be ready to sail, with the mast up, by the autumn.

For more information about the ship and the restoration schedule, please visit: www.cooperatie-vertrouwen.nl.